LG G Health – LG’s future Smart Watch

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LG, a renowned electronic brand in the world, has recently dived into the realm of smart watches. It’s being said that they are going to launch a more innovation smartwatch called ‘LG G Health’ in the coming months.  The LG G Health smartwatch is based on Google’s Android Wear platform.

You can see below the image of this upcoming launch as tweeted by LG:

LG G Smartwatch

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As discovered by Phandroid guys, LG has filed a new trademark at USPTO for ‘LG G Health’, which appears to now be the official name of LG’s smartwatch.

Actually, LG is following its ‘G’ nomenclature scheme initially brought into play for ‘LG G Flex’ and ‘LG G2’ smartphones.

Unlike the Moto 360 smartwatch, another Android powered smartwatch launched recently, the LG G Health watch is square shaped. Also its plastic band is giving it a new look. The G smart watch also features a hangout notification, the sender’s photo, time, and a ‘Google Now’ button. As claimed by a spokesperson from LG, the G Healthwatch will be a first smartwatch based on ‘Google Android Wear’.

LG is not alone in the race of smart watches; Apple and Google are also introducing similar devices. Moreover, Samsung and Sony recently unleashed their smart watches. Thus, it is expected to see some more innovative and interesting launches in this domain in the year to come at least from LG, Google and Apple, as per current updates.

This will be an exciting time, to see how the different celebrated brands are going to materialize their ideas of smart watches.

Here are some more images of the LG G Health Smartwatch:

LG G Watch

LG G Health Smartwatch

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